• Amanda Rose

Being Unique Is Good!

You are a unique individual. Everyone is unique in their own way. Please realize that you are free to express yourself in whatever way you like. Yes, you will have others who want to judge you. That can leave you feeling hurt, frustrated, or angry. You can have some people who are really harsh and critical of your choices. Dealing with people who aren't open-minded gives us anxiety. Sometimes we need to just stand our ground and be comfortable on our own without other people's approval. As long as you aren't hurting anyone then only God can judge your actions. Today and going forward you need to love that you are different.

The Ace of Pentacles promises that new opportunities await you. You are probably like this ferret. Hes' a little wary and distrustful of others but also are friendly and playful. See your potential. You need to trust that good things want to grow in your life. Look up and see the beginning of success is about to land on you.

Thank you for coming to read this today!

Amanda Rose

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