• Amanda Rose

Disfunctional Situation At Work

Today it seems like you are working. People really notice the expertise in your trade. You have been working on this skill for a while and it's created a good reputation for you. You have focused your efforts on learning your trade. As you become better and more enlightened it could be upsetting to others. You are managing to hold onto your job but there could be difficult circumstances going on around you. Others could be unable to unseat you from your climb to higher ranks. They may see your position as dangerous and although they were determined to keep you as a commoner they too can't stop you from your true path. They will try to bail out of the situation. You will have to roll with the punches as this story plays out. As you start to see the truth about these unhealthy relationships things will start to break down. You can work through it and adapt. In the end, everything will be better but first, it must fall to pieces.

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