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Random Message

The cards that I have picked today are the Bear, The King of Wands and the Five of Cups. The Bear could represent a person. This person would be a bit of the dangerous type. You certainly wouldn't want to cross this person. I notice that the bear is just observing its surroundings. It doesn't have its teeth showing and it's ears seem a bit perked up. So perhaps it doesn't want to hurt anyone it just is fiercely protective of its territory. Bears are a bit curious and it may be wondering what has happened to make this other person in the Five of Cups so distraught.

This person in the Five of Cups is a soldier but they are not on the battle field. They is actually alone, besides the two birds in the background. The Cups here represent love, emotions and feelings. It seems they have lost more than they can handle. Why are they focused on the negative aspects of the situation instead of the Two of Cups that are also in the background? The animals are seeing that this person lives in a beautiful place. They may have lost a battle but there isn't a big fire pit that is opening up. It looks like a beautiful sunset is lost on this person. Luckily this is a minor arcana. That means that this person will get up and fight to live another day. The bear won't get a meal this time.

I failed to mention the King of Wands. This can represent a masculine. They are a successful person. They are interested in creation, action and when they are in the middle of a project its probably best just to step aside and let them take the reins. It seems that the Bear and the King of Wands are on the same side. This is a successful partnership. I don't know if there is much communication but there is a respect. I mean if you go into a partnership with a Bear you know that they are going to be the boss! 😉

There appears to be a third party situation. That can apply to business or social matters. Success will come when you realize yourself and others needs. Everyone can win here. What's lost is lost, don't dwell on the spilled milk. At least it spilled on the grass. Maybe a cat will come to drink it up. 🐱

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