• Amanda Rose

Emotions at an all time high in both senses

Lots of cups coming up today. We have the Nine of Cups in the Oceanic Tarot and the Eight of Cups in the Rider Waite Tarot. It makes sense for so many cups perhaps due to the full moon that has just passed. Emotions that were deep could rise up to the surface. We have two cards that are not exactly on the same page. The nine of cups is a happy card that speaks of dreams coming true. Your wishes coming to fruition. The other card, the eight of cups is the story of a dejected man. He could be discouraged or disappointed. Things he had previously been concerned about having to be abandoned. Perhaps there is a bit of shame on his face that we aren't witnessing. The moon looks almost contemptuously at him. There could be dishonor or perhaps it was his own lack of principles that has caused this unworthy feeling. Whatever the case, there will be harmony in the home. You are sensitive to what is going on and you can be content that you will be able to manifest what you want. Stay in faith and your spiritual protection will help you to reach your wishes. You are supported by a higher power.

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