• Amanda Rose

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

The cards that we got today are really inspiring. I took some time to meditate on these cards and they really meant so much that I can express it all here. The heart is about devotion and hope and what we most desire. We are all spiritual creatures with souls yearning for the word, whatever the word is that inspires us. We feel satisfaction when we hear something that resonates with our own souls wish. If we can all realize that we want the same destiny, which is freedom and equality, then we would be a much stronger nation. As Dr. King realized we are headed down a road that is fatal. We can't have the same "back to business" as usual that we had before. We need to stop all hatred and bitterness towards each other. We all want to be happy but are we still trying to figure out what exactly that is? Dr. King could not rest until everyone was treated equally. God, may you let his soul rest that we are doing our best to have decency to stand up for our fellow brothers and sisters. When we see them in times of need we reach out to the most vulnerable in order to protect them. The need for this still exists in the workplace and in the homes. If you find yourself in a negative situation it will suck the energy out of you. Break away and stand up for your rights to see a transformation in your life. This emperor can relate to any one of us. You have the drive to make your mark while you are here. You could be on the verge of something special. You have the ambition to advance in your situation. There's always going to be someone of authority who is a "tough guy" and you need to stand up to them, the time is for miracles of hope and healing and above all peace and well-being. Everything must be in balance. Let me leave you with a quote. God bless

from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "I have the personal faith that mankind will somehow rise up to the occasion and give new directions to an age drifting rapidly to its doom. In spite of the tensions and uncertainties of this period something profoundly meaningful is taking place. Old systems of exploitation and oppression are passing away, and out of the womb of a frail world new systems of justice and equality are being born. Doors of opportunities are gradually being opened to those at the bottom of society.

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