• Amanda Rose

Karma and the effects of our actions

Lots of people think that they can do whatever they want as long as they pray or meditate daily. Although it is beneficial to do both of these practices, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't practice mindfulness in your everyday living. The modern life that we live today can be hectic and stressful. We can suffer from debilitating illnesses or we have arguments with a friend or co-worker. Some handle bad situations in an angry or immature way. When you aren't being present and conscious at all times, your actions then can be selfish and cause failure in your social and love life. Mohammad Ali was quoted saying that "all religions are good." Anything thing that involves morals and good values will create satisfaction for you and others. Religions are good for us and can help us to lead a good life. Many religions believe in reincarnation, rebirth, or resurrection of the soul. They see the soul as immortal and when you die you pass from one physical body to another. You evolve and become more enlightened with each incarnation. Pictured above we have Isis, who was a major goddess in ancient Egyptian religion. She was able to recall her past life vividly. Many practitioners today use hypnosis as a safe way to recover memories. They use it to benefit and help heal problems and struggles their clients are currently dealing with. There is much research on this therapy. Some are skeptical but I find it to be a most fascinating subject. I believe in the effects of karma and cause and effect as well. Whether there is a next life or not you have to make the most of your time now and quit the negative cycles.

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