• Amanda Rose

No justice for the ones with no voice

Today we have the ace of swords from the Rider Waite Deck (reversed) and the Beauty card from the Healing with the fairies oracle by Doreen Virtue. I typically don't like to use reversed cards anymore because of the negative connotations but this card came out of the deck with effort to be in this direction, so who am I to stop it! When the ace of swords is reversed it speaks of injustices, blocks, and dishonesty. Coincidentally I was watching a sad crime show about a vulnerable woman who was killed. The murderer was her husband and was let free for no real reason. He was told to say that his detector was negative if anyone asked. There are still many mistakes that are being made to this day. Not everyone in authority or the legal system is a fair and law-abiding citizen. There are people that are cold uncaring and crooked when it comes to vulnerable people. This woman was a mother and there was an abuse of power that let a guilty man remain free for so many years. This could represent someone close to you. You could feel frustrated by the injustices. This woman represents someone you know who not only has outward beauty but inward as well. The cruel misconduct of an oppressive authority is hard to swallow. The belief in God is the only comfort for final punishment. The abuse, greed and corrupt power is giving rise to evil all over the world. If the system were constitutional they would protect and serve the victims. These are the dark truths of this world. The lawlessness of the wild west is still happening today but is now hidden in a tangled web of lies. These errors in judgment happen to good people out there every day. We want to see a change. We know that we are weaker compared to the power of a brutal system but we still can fight for fair law and justice. If everyone could speak up and say that they know of the false lies or careless mishandling of information that are being allowed then everything can still work out. We aren't giving up believing in change and that we can still recover from perhaps ignorances and bad choices of the past. You all have a voice. If everyone speaks together and agrees to overcome negativity then hope isn't lost. These women who were wonderful and loving parents don't have to go down in a box in a dusty basement marked as a cold case. They still want their stories to be told. They still want justice. Their families want justice as well. Just because they aren't here in their physical bodies doesn't mean that they don't want to make a difference today. They can go down in history not as a victim but as a victor. They had a time when they were leading meaningful lives as friends, parents, wives, and husbands before they got snuffed out. They don't want it left as a one-sided story. The weight of their lonely lost stories lets us all want a fresh start. It's time to quit the negative cycles. Let us close that chapter and not leave the story unfinished.

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