• Amanda Rose

Pushed aside and suppressing the truth

I drew these cards today knowing that I need answers. I know that there is something much larger than me going on here. I have known this for a long time. People want to suppress me and lock my words away because I guess they think what I have to say is dangerous. I really don't think it's fair to me. I try to help people and empower them and yet I am the one in prison. They even put me in a mental institution because I wouldn't do what they wished of me. Last I knew the United States was a free country and so was freedom of speech. So I sit at home reading books and watching television all along knowing that it's all just a lie. I feel trapped and lonely. What is the use for me sitting here deteriorating and getting older? Will I die not knowing the real truth and why others are allowed to speak when I am censored. It's wrong to treat a person as an animal. These cards tell me that I am a powerful and beautiful person but I have been stepped on so long that I can't see it. Is that the way you treat someone who is valuable? I"m 42 years old and feel like the years have been taken away from me. I am waiting on a miracle and ready for the unexpected blessings. Don't I deserve it?

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