• Amanda Rose

Mom's need a vacations!

Updated: Jan 13

Hope you had a good weekend. I am back with some more cards today. We have the Amor, the cupid. He has accurately struck another heart, not only once but twice! It could be that you were the one in his crosshairs. The Queen Of Swords is the most masculine of the queens. If struck by cupid's arrow she is likely to be trying to protect herself from further damage. The love is present but the fact that she had been hurt in the past keeps her from wanting to acknowledge those feelings. The Six of Cups is a card of reminiscing over the past. This momma cat may long for the happy times when she was young, wild, free, and in love. In the present moment, she's got her paws full with this mischievous kitten. What she really needs is a vacation getaway with an old furry companion to laze in the sun for a while. You could be reconnecting with someone of the past.

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