• Amanda Rose

I am so grateful for mother earth!

Time to get back to the basics. Mother Gaia is the one who gives us all life. Go outside and feel the earth beneath your feet and feel secure knowing she will provide for you. Without her breathing life into this planet, we wouldn't have all the wonderful fruits and vegetables that we adore. If you are working in a trade that involves the handling of food know that you are part of that life-giving purpose. From the farmers to the transporters to the businesses we all benefit from mother gaia. With this understanding, you can see how your part is critical. I think in our modern world we sometimes forget where our food comes from and all the work involved in getting it on our tables. I will leave you with this quote by Ritu Kaushal - Thank you mother earth, to give me everything before any request. You are the love of my soul.

Thank you!


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