• Amanda Rose

This moon cycle is going to help you uncover some things

The next full moon is on Wednesday, Feb. 16th. You could be feeling the moon cycle affecting your emotions at this time. Take note of how you are feeling and what is coming up. The things that you are feeling are to help you to understand yourself better. You could be feeling the beginning of major changes in your life, these new things could help you to cut away excess that is no longer serving you. There could be huge breakthroughs in your way of thinking and feeling. You could really be feeling things are becoming much clearer to you. This is a good time to make sound decisions and opportunities in the mind and also emotions. If you still feel that some things are not as they appear, you are probably correct. Don't let the anxiety take over. Tune into your subconscious mind for ideas to overcome obstacles no matter how daunting. You should trust yourself and be confident in your decisions. Listen to your dreams because they could be trying to help you unlock mysteries. Thanks for listening.

Love and Light


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