• Amanda Rose

You’re stronger then you know

In this particular deck, the justice woman is blindfolded. You could feel like her, and not sure what is going to happen to you next. You could feel helpless like something or someone is standing in your way at every turn. The world will always make us feel weak, unsuccessful, and never content. Now isn't the time to be embracing weak and negative thinking. You need to carry on with your plans. You are feeling called to do something and you need to stay on the true path. As it says in Romans chapter 8 the flesh will always make you weak. If we leave our mind to our flesh we will surely meet death but if we set our mind on spirit in life we can find peace. Have courage no matter what you are facing. Things can change for you right around the corner. There can be honor and decency and morality but it's an option. God gave us the choice between what is good and what is evil. There is always a choice and it is up to you to discern where will you be walking. You don't have to accept working for an employer that makes you feel scared or discriminates against you. You don't have to be in a relationship where are physically or verbally abused. God sees the injustices that are happening and he will give you the strength and courage to leave and recover. I have been in your place; being insulted, humiliated and criticized. Don't be manipulated into thinking it is your fault. They could try to downplay it by telling you it won't happen again. Be like this lion spirit and be brave enough to take charge of your own life. I have been stepped on, beat up, and held down by the neck, and yet still by the mercy of God, I am here to speak to you today. You are in good shape here reading this and you have to accept that you are a mortal being. How many times will God let you escape death? Stand up now and commit to loving yourself like you have loved no other. You are worth it.

Sending Love & Light


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