• Amanda Rose

You're doing it wrong

Today we have The Keys (in reverse) and The Empress. The keys are typically a good card that shows that your heart's desires are within reach, but since this card came out reversed it is showing that someone is using the keys wrongly. They can't make progress because they are putting the key in the wrong door. You won't be able to find solutions if you try to force the door to open. You could be making risky moves so make sure you are being wise. On a side note, (don't forget to keep your doors locked someone could be trying to get in for destructive reasons.) The progress you could be trying to make is related to a woman (The Empress). You could want to grow and create a close relationship with her, however, locking her up in a commitment won't gain you her trust. She is typically nurturing, sensitive, and feminine but if she's feeling trapped she will be restless, agitated, and depressed. When you make someone feel insignificant and unimportant they will grow to resent you. If you want a life with someone you have to treat them like you love them and not clip their wings and put them in a cage. Sometimes relationships start out good but then the partner starts to show you controlling behavior. It's hard to even realize that it is happening because it will begin mild and then intensify over time. They will constantly call you to find out where you are. They will dictate who you can be friends with or when you can visit friends and family. They are always taking your phone and looking through all your social media. They grill you with questions. They manipulate you to feel guilty that you aren't giving them enough attention. Make sure you are being loved out of kindness rather than threatening. I have way too much experience with this!!! Do you hear things like "You better not..." or "Don't think about it..." or "You're acting just like..." or "I'm not playing a game.." Please realize that this behavior is a kind of emotional blackmail and a way to get what they want. Know who you are dating and don't let anyone intimidate you. Just say, "See ya later!"

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