• Amanda Rose

Cat's come in all different shapes and sizes. Accept and don't judge or criticize them.

So many cats! I am so happy that we got cats in both our cards today. I see that the feminine characters here are feeling very good emotionally. Things are good within the home and you are grateful for the positive connections are you making. You also enjoy feeling confident in any creative work you are doing. The knight of wands represents a masculine who is described as gallant but annoying. You could find that you are dealing with a person who is full of energy and passion. They are impulsive but you may be attracted to their spontaneous ways. They can be a fun person who is adventurous and does things in the spur of the moment. Others may find it less than exciting. They don't enjoy living on the edge and like things to be calculated and planned. Whatever the situation focus on being happy, and kind. We are all different so don't judge people for the choices they make.

Thank you!


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