• Amanda Rose

You can help others while you manifest opportunities

Beautiful cards coming up today. I particularly love this card "Dana" from Doreen Virtues Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck. This name is close to my heart because it is the name of my eldest daughter. I can't say that I picked it because of any biblical reference. In reality, it was because of a character from one of my favorite shows at the time. I know some of you will remember "The X-Files" This is a little bit different of meaning I am going to share with you today. The name Dana is actually the feminine version of Daniel and means "God will judge" In the book of Daniel in the Bible we see that Daniel was one of the greatest followers of God, in fact, he prayed three times a day. He got appointed to a very high job working with the King and other men became very jealous of Daniel and hatch a plan to get him removed. They knew that Daniel had no flaws or faults so they had to trick the King and convinced him to pass a law that no one but the King could pray to God for the next 30 days. The devote Daniel couldn't possibly do that. He knew it was his right to pray to God so he did that night as usual. The men that had conspired against him broke in and imprisoned him and had him thrown in the lion's den. That whole night the King tossed and turned and was so anxious to find out the fate of the faithful Daniel. He ran down the next morning and called out to Daniel and to his surprise, Daniel was not harmed at all! The King was flabbergasted to find Daniel with not a scratch on him. Daniel calmly told the King, My God knew I had not sinned and he sent angels to shut the mouths of the lions. Later the men who conspired against him were ordered by the King to be put in the lion's den, I am thinking the lions finally got a decent meal. So you can now see where the meaning of the name comes from. In Doreen Virtue's deck, we see Dana is called "high-priestess". It says you are the one who has this knowledge and wisdom of spiritual teachings. You have had many experiences in life that have taught you valuable lessons. You have the ability to touch others' lives. It suggests a few things that you could do such as lead workshops, write books or articles, look for opportunities to teach, be a role model for peace, honor your divinity, and know that you are a leader. Whatever you do know that the universe and your angels are supporting you. The ace of pentacles suggests that you will have opportunities in the physical world that will be lucrative for you if you use this divine knowledge to help others.

Thanks for listening!

Love and Light


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