• Amanda Rose

Wishes come true because you are special and like no one else

Today we have the Nine of Cups coming up. You can call this the "wish" card. It predicts that you will have what you have been wishing for. If you have been waiting a long time know that it will shortly arrive. Whatever you are wishing for will make you emotionally very happy. You could be frustrated and think that it isn't coming but if you can just be patient a little longer then you will be rewarded. We also have the card "love that you are different". This is coming up to tell you that nobody can do what you can do. You are special and unique. God created you unlike every other person out there. You have special gifts and talents unlike no other. If you have been called odd or unusual then see that as a compliment. Don't let what people say affect you in a negative way. You have a purpose and you make a difference. If I had to be "normal" then I would probably be awfully bored. I think being weird is a magical gift that God has given us. Psalm 139:14," I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."

Love and Light


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