• Amanda Rose

Be committed to being yourself

Today we have a few different things that I am picking up on. When I see this card called "reveal your truth" I look at the picture and see a pretty fairy woman. She looks a little sad and it's probably because she has had to stay hidden behind a mask. She doesn't want to be ridiculed or called freak. I think we can all relate to this character. Sometimes we have things that we are afraid to expose to others. We think if we show the "real" us that others will laugh and point and want to abuse us. Jesus himself was mocked before his trial and crucifixion. He was called a demon (John 8:49). He was in fact not a demon he was just trying to spread his truth. When something new comes into the world and clashes with others' ideas then people will do anything to do away with it. In another example, Jesus had healed someone on the Sabbath. Back in those times, you weren't allowed to do anything on the day of the Sabbath so the synagogue officials wanted to kill Jesus. Can you believe that? Well, it is true. They weren't open to his idea of doing God's work. Are you are feeling like you can't be yourself just because others will want to crucify you? When Jesus came into this world he knew that he would face judgment but his mission was on spreading the truth. It was his commitment to truth that kept him going even after being stoned (John 8:59). The ring in the card is telling you to stay committed to who you are. You don't have to hide yourself because you are welcoming others to love you and to embrace you just the way you are. Sure some will laugh and want to crucify you but you don't have to conform yourself to being someone that you aren't. You aren't a monster you are the Queen of Cups. She is caring, nurturing, compassionate and sensitive. Those aren't qualities of a monster. No matter what you are facing today be to committed who you are.

Love & Light


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