• Amanda Rose

What Do These Cards Say?

I wanted to pull some cards to see what message we can get. This is my starting point and I really hope you like these blog posts. Let me know what you think.

The first card is "message of concern" from the Kipper Fortune Telling Deck. The card number is 14 which reduces to 5 (1+4=5) To me 5 is a number of change. With that in mind we can be comforted that this concerning situation is only going to be temporary. This is a challenging card and with the additional card of the "ten of wands" from the Gilded Deck it makes it an even more difficult situation.

We have a woman and a man so we can take that literally as two parties are involved. You could be struggling to achieve something in a profession or social setting. There could have been news that you didn't want to hear. For some it could even be a legal dispute with someone over property or money. Whatever the problem is I would say to keep on plugging along. With the 10 coming up you are sure to reach the finish line soon. It may seem like you can't go on and the burdens are too much. In a job you could feel overworked. You could feel as if your work goes unnoticed. It might be that you have too many projects to handle on your own. Perhaps it started off doable but now its gotten out of hand. Take a break and try to scale back.

If you are the feminine and this is representing a relationship it could be that you are feeling like the masculine has too much emotional baggage and other negative issues in the past. With the expression she is making as she reads the letter, it is definitely not what she wanted to hear. The truth can sometimes be hard to hear. Perhaps there is no time for love if this person is stressed and overloaded with career.

Since the masculine appears to be moving towards the feminine it could be that they are trying to do everything to keep the feminine satisfied. They could be taking on too much and need to free up their calendar to enjoy life a little. Doing too much at once will rob you of a quality life. Don't let responsibilities turn to resentment. Best to get everything out on the table so the crisis can be diverted. Don't worry the 10's cards signify your coming to the end of a phase.

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