• Amanda Rose

What the heck is going on!?

Looks like a day filled with good luck. You could have unexpected news arriving from a powerful person. This information would help you feel more secure, comfortable, and at peace in your life. You could be celebrating this positive news with others. With the hares arriving today, this could indicate that the information will arrive quickly. Celtic people saw the hare as possessing magical powers and a strong link to the spirit world. This creature "of the Goddess" will boost intuition and can help negotiate changes as you move forward in life. For your weather lovers, the hares vegetating on grass can show that spring is upon us. The Easter Bunny will bring you a nest filled with magical eggs. But don't forget the resurrection of Christ is what they are also whispering. They are relaxed here not worried about being this family's meal. I believe they may be beloved pets. As in the olden days, it was common to worship these animals. There is even evidence that some were buried with them. If you want to take it even further some would say it was taboo to eat them just like horses. It is true that if you consume too much of this protein-based meat you can get what is called fat starvation which can ultimately kill you. Maybe this family raised them for pleasure rather than harvest. I have digressed, I know some people are going to hate this but I am only the messenger! I don't hate Bear Grylls and he ate rabbit on many occasions! It is basic survival to hunt. Just like the hare knows, it is a rough place to live with climates changing around the world you have to be wise and cunning to avoid life's snares.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


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