• Amanda Rose

Wisdom and Secrecy

I'm so happy that the owl card came up today. I have had a connection with owls since I was just a wee toddler. My first memory was when I was very small. I am not sure exactly, but it was about 3-4 years old. I was always climbing things and my parents had given me the nickname "monkey" (Which was shortened later to "monk") I remember seeing this beautiful ceramic owl on the top shelf of a tall bookcase in the living room. My mother was off busy doing housework and I was looking up curiously at this owl. I started to climb the bookshelf to try to get to it (probably a bad idea!) Next thing I know I'm falling and so is that beautiful owl (made by my mother) which lands on my head and smashes into tiny pieces. Wasn't my mother mad at me!!! Well, I survived and remember that first tragic memory of being drawn to the owl. Just a couple of weeks ago I saw an owl cross the road in broad daylight while coming home from a trip to Bangor with my mother. I said, "Well isn't that odd to see an owl out in the daytime?", secretly I knew it was a sign. If you are too drawn to the owl you could be very sensitive and pick up on things unseen, some call it clairvoyance. I am reading the book "Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words" and I was amazed to see that she had clairvoyant abilities. The owl can teach us to be wise and to use that to our advantage. The owl will help you on your journey to seek the truth. The owl is one of the oldest and most sacred birds who embodied wisdom and discernment. The fact that they have unusual skills can make them feared and cause jealousy by others. Their visions and intuitive knowledge make them powerful spirit animals. In the Eight of Swords, the woman's eyes are covered and she is bound while surrounded by swords. The only way she can find her way out of the prison is by using her sharp intelligence. She is sensitive and aware of her surroundings and if she imparts the animal wisdom she is bestowed she can avoid death. Time to take the owl as an ally and face the truth of the situation. This is not an end but only a beginning.

Love and Light


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