• Amanda Rose

You are talented and gifted; don't you believe it?

Today we have the Five of Swords, the Coffin, and the Stargazer. The message from the Stargazer is to go beyond your limitations and believe that the impossible is possible. You are being encouraged by the angels and ancestors to realize your talents and abilities and to turn the impossible into reality. There are people that are able to communicate between spirits of the dead and living human beings. You may be able to look beyond the realm of what others might be able to. You have the love, support, and admiration of your angels and ancestors. They want to help you and they do see when you are unhappy. They are telling you to remember when you were a child and you would innocently believe in wishing upon the stars. They don't want you to lose that sense of wonder, innocence, and belief. You do deserve blessings and the first step is for you to believe that you do. Don't close off your energy in connecting with them because you don't feel others would perceive it as good. When you are seeking help or guidance they want the opportunity to help you. They can give you the advice to heal old wounds or unhealthy patterns of behavior. People often wonder who do psychics or mediums communicate with the departed? They think it must be trickery or sorcery. The truth is that God wants us to all be unique and with that uniqueness sometimes comes psychic abilities. God has the power to do whatever he wants and he can bless some with spiritual gifts that are truly different and complex. We can't put everything that we don't understand in a category that is labeled "evil" or "wrong". There are children who have these abilities and announce to their parents "I see dead people". Do we cast them aside and call them broken? Or, do we call them gifted? Yes, it can be disturbing to hear the stories but, if we awaken to the reality that these talents and gifts are real and we approach them in a way that is supportive and loving then we can understand that the role of some people is to be a crossroad or a bridge to the spirit world and to speak on behalf of the ones who no longer have a voice. In the Bible, the stories often speak of God's voice directly talking to people. Some even, like Moses, had direct conversations regularly. Joseph the legal father of Jesus was visited by an angel and received instructions and warnings of danger. The messages from the angels were often mentioned as dreams or visions. The voice was sometimes called the voice of wisdom and was looked at with assistance to tell you what actions to take. Might it be more reasonable to see these direct communications as true and not hallucinations or evil? We must consider the examples from the studies in scripture. We don't know the nature of prophecy or how it's going to be sent. We can't assume that this is bad but maybe more of a miracle.

Love and Light


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